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  • New In Chess 2017/2 (NIC)


    New In Chess  2017/2  (NIC) Lagervare - levering 2-5 hverdage Normalpris: 89,00 DKK 59,00 DKK Inkl. moms

    2017, engelsk, 106 sider, magasin format

    Bidrag af Levon Aronian, Adhiban Baskaran, Jeroen Bosch, Anish Giri, Eric Hansen, John Henderson, Gawain Jones, Dylan McClain, Hikaru Nakamura, Maxim Notkin, Arthur van de Oudeweetering, Judit Polgar, Markus Ragger, Hans Ree, Hans Renette, Anna Rudolf, Matthew Sadler, Nigel Short, Wesley So, Jan Timman, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, Wei Yi, Hou Yifan

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  • New In Chess 2017/3 (NIC)


    New In Chess  2017/3  (NIC) Lagervare - levering 2-5 hverdage Normalpris: 89,00 DKK 59,00 DKK Inkl. moms

    2017, nummer 3, engelsk, 106 sider, magasin format

    Bidrag af Levon Aronian, Short, Judit Polgar, Kramnik, Morozevich, Anand, Mamedyarov, Ding Liren, Nepomniatchi, Negi m.fl.

    Tophistorien i dette nummer må nok siges at være historien om alle tiders største skakmæcen: Joop van Oosterom (1937-2016), der nåede at donere ialt 50 mill euro til skakken. Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam har skrevet den fulde historie om denne billionær.

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  • New In Chess 2017/4 (NIC)


    New In Chess  2017/4 (NIC) Lagervare - levering 2-5 hverdage Normalpris: 89,00 DKK 59,00 DKK Inkl. moms

    2017, nummer 4, engelsk, 106 sider, magasin format

    Bidrag af Levon Aronian, Nakamura, So, Hou Yifan, Anand, Giri, Nepo, Short, Judit Polgar m.fl.

    Tophistorien i dette nummer må nok siges at være historien om Mamedyarov, der fører grand Prix serien og passerer 2800 i rating. Skrevet af selveste Jan Timman!

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  • New In Chess 2018/1 (NIC)


    New In Chess  2018/1  (NIC) Lagervare - levering 2-5 hverdage Normalpris: 89,00 DKK 59,00 DKK Inkl. moms
    Issue 2018#1 brings you 108 pages of the best in chess: Monkey Business A chess-playing 'Champion Chimp' turned into London urban street art. NIC's Café A chess club in Moscow with an upscale bar. And Hou Yifan goes to Oxford. Your Move Ding Liren’s Game of the Year inspired a tribute to Hein Donner. Kings of their countries Manifold national champions. Fair & Square What condition does Garry Kasparov share with Donald Trump? Caruana clinches London Classic Fabiano Caruana edged out Ian Nepomniachtchi to win the last leg of the Grand Chess Tour. Magnus Carlsen became the overall winner of the GCT, raising his total tour earnings to $245,350. Celeb64: Sandrine Bonnaire Game changer AlphaZero’s crushing defeat of Stockfish sent shockwaves through the world. Larry Kaufman looks at the implications. Tiger of Madras bites back The amazing Vishy Anand (48) won the rapid world title in Riyadh. Saudi Arabian Knights If next year players from all countries are welcome, the World Rapid & Blitz in Riyadh might be a truly great event, Nigel Short argues. If they can find some decent arbiters, that is. The King of Blitz Halfway through the King Salman Blitz World Championship, he was trailing Sergey Karjakin by 2(!) full points, but on the second day Magnus Carlsen was merciless, majestic and often machine-like. Maxim Dlugy presents a crash course in blitz and illustrates his pieces of advice by a crystal clear dissection of the games that secured the Norwegian’s triumph. Back at the board Who hasn’t felt the uneasiness of playing after a prolonged break? Parimarjan Negi has some good advice. Secrets of Opening Surprises A venomous wing gambit in the Symmetrical English Opening. Youngsters wake up giant In his home city of St. Petersburg, Peter Svidler won the Russian Championship for the 8th time. Chess Pattern Recognition The inverted 'en passant' is an option well worth keeping in mind. Judit Polgar’s column Judit Polgar argues that ‘adjourned games’ are a good reason to study the classics. Maximize Your Tactics Find the right moves. Sadler On Books Matthew Sadler reviews books and DVDs that may help you get into good shape before your next tournament. Place your bets for Berlin Which Candidate will gain the right to challenge World Champion Magnus Carlsen? Jan Timman looks at their chances and names his favourite. Just Checking Does David Howell have any superstitions concerning chess?
  • New In Chess 2018/2 (NIC)


    New In Chess  2018/2  (NIC) Lagervare - levering 2-5 hverdage Normalpris: 89,00 DKK 59,00 DKK Inkl. moms
    In issue 2018#2 you will find 108 pages of the best in chess with Carlsen, Kasparov, Aronian, Kramnik, Fischer and many others Carlsen sets record with 6th win The 80th Tata Steel Chess ­Tournament in Wijk aan Zee ended with a blitz playoff between Magnus Carlsen and Anish Giri. The World Champion tends to win playoffs. Always. And this one was no exception. Levon Aronian wins Gibraltar In his first appearance in an Open in more than a decade, Levon Aronian won the play-offs of the Tradewise Gibraltar Chess. The traditionally generous prize for the best female player, £ 15,000, was pocketed by Pia Cramling. Kasparov's musical favourites Garry Kasparov chose his musical favourites - from Mozart to Lloyd Webber - for a BBC radio program Letters How fair was the AlphaZero-Stockfish match? Fischer Facts Ten years after his death the 11th World Champion continues to fascinate. Fair & Square What did John Maynard Keynes see as one of the benefits of chess? Nigel Short's column ‘If ever an activity should long ago have expired and been buried with dignity, it is surely correspondence chess’, Nigel Short suggests. Interview: Vidit Gujrathi He may well be India’s brightest hope for the coming years. Veni, Vidit, Vici In a personal account, the winner of the Tata Steel Challengers reveals how he transformed into a Master. Judit Polgar It’s not easy to play after a loss, Judit Polgar argues. Or a win! Maximize Your Tactics Find the right moves. Fischer Random anyone? Maxim Dlugy followed the Carlsen-Nakamura match and looks at the merits of Fischer Random. Secrets of Opening Surprises An aggressive weapon against the English Opening on move 2! NIC’s Café An Armenian banknote honouring Tigran Petrosian and a Russian plane named after Mikhail Botvinnik. Chess Pattern Recognition Impossible break moves that are a feast to the eye. Sadler on Books Matthew Sadler gets into raptures about a superb account of the match in New York with fascinating insights by former champ Vladimir Kramnik. Living in bad times Hans Ree read the biography of Paul Felix Schmidt (1916-1984), a prominent player in his time, but now almost forgotten. Jan Timman shows how top-level games often inspire chess study composers. And the other way around!
  • New In Chess 2018/3 (NIC)


    New In Chess  2018/3  (NIC) Lagervare - levering 2-5 hverdage Normalpris: 89,00 DKK 59,00 DKK Inkl. moms
    Issue 2018#3 brings you 108 pages of the best in chess It's Fabiano Caruana The FIDE Candidates tournament in Berlin brought more drama, hypnotizing clashes and permanently shifting story lines than any pundit could have foreseen. Fabiano Caruana kept his cool and became the first American Challenger since Bobby Fischer in the unified World Championship. Interview: Fabiano Caruana Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam talks to the World Championship Challenger. The World Championship purse Over the years the prize-money for the world title match has decreased significantly. Column Judit Polgar There is beauty in breaking strategic rules. The Blitz Whisperer In his new column, Maxim Dlugy reveals the secrets of blitz, the most popular form of chess on our planet. Secrets of Opening Surprises On more than one occasion Levon Aronian has been successful with a Patzer move that fails to impress at first sight. The spirit of Fischer in Reykjavik In a vivid and highly personal account (what else would you expect?), Adhiban Baskaran describes why he had to win the Reykjavik Open and how he did it. Another Anand victory Jan Timman looks at Anand’s impressive showing in the Tal Memorial in Moscow. Celeb64: Leonard Nimoy NIC’s Café: Stephen Hawking loved chess and Fodor’s Travel Guide suggests you meet Jude Acers in New Orleans. Your Move: Not amused by Nigel Short’s attack on their passion, correspondence chess players shoot back. Fair & Square: Which novel did Vladimir Nabokov see as his ‘warmest’ book? Chess Training: Maximize Your Tactics: Find the right moves. Louis Paulsen (1833-1891) A reappraisal of the 19th-century German master Louis Paulsen, one of the chief pioneers of the modern school. Short Stories For years he had looked in perplexity at the medium until Nigel Short warmed to Twitter. Exhilarated and exhausted: Ray Charles and his braille chess set as seen by star photographer Neal Preston. Sadler on Books Amid a fine crop of new books, Matthew Sadler was rightly curious about a fascinating account of a period in Alekhine’s life that is shrouded in mystery. An epiphany Hans Ree remembers the painful moment when he felt that he couldn’t play chess anymore. Just Checking What is Lawrence Trent’s life motto?


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