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hess960, or Fischer Random Chess (also written Fischerrandom and Fischerandom), is a chess variant produced by the late former World Champion Bobby Fischer by modifying the rules of Shuffle Chess so that castling possibilities exist for all starting positions. It was originally announced on June 19, 1996, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Fischer's goal was to create a chess variant in which chess creativity and talent would be more important than memorization and analysis of opening moves. His approach was to create a randomized initial chess position, which would thus make memorizing chess opening move sequences useless. The initial position is set up in a special way and there are 960 such positions, thus the name 'Chess960'. The revolutionary foldable DGT 960 chess clock can easily generate one of the 960 starting positions for the new way to play Chess. Big display for easy viewing! Easy of use and programming made extremely easy! Ergonomic Intuitive operation Large moving lever for changing turn




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