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Chessbase Opening Encyclopaedia 2018 (DVD)


749,00 DKK
Opening Encyclopaedia 2018 Complete: the Opening Encyclopaedia 2018 features complete coverage of all opening areas on a single DVD and constitutes the best possible introduction to opening training. Well informed: many renowned specialists in their own area of expertise have contributed to this Chess Base Opening Encyclopaedia, e.g. Avrukh, Berg, Gormally, Krasenkow, Kosintseva, Kuzmin, Marin, Moskalenko, Postny, Ribli, Rogozenko, Stohl, Sumets and Szabo. Unique: club players regularly find in ChessBase Magazine’s up-to-date openings articles (introductory text + annotated games) exciting ideas for their repertoire. You can now find brought together on this single DVD all 1073 articles from over 17 years of ChessBase Magazine (up to and including the February 2018 issue)! Crystal clear: for each of the 500 openings (according to the ECO-code) there is at least one opening survey; total number now is 6500. Out of those, more than 500 have been up-dated for this new edition of the encyclopaedia. Inexhaustible: database with over 6.3 million, more than 85 500 games are annotated. over 6.3 million games, all featuring ECO codes more than 85 500 of them annotated 6450 opening surveys, many of which have been brought up to date access to the games via the large opening key 1073 specialised theory databases large opening book of all the games to give you a quick overview and statistics new ChessBase Reader 2017 for access to the whole database




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