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John Emms: The Chess Tactics Detection Workbook (EVE)

179,00 DKK Inkl. moms
Volker Schlepütz, John Emms : The Chess Tactics Detection Workbook 256 pages, paperback, 1st edition 2014. Experts agree that regularly solving tactics is a vital component of chess training. However, it's also widely acknowledged that there is one drawback of traditional chess puzzles - when solving them students know for sure that there is a genuine tactic in the position, whereas during a real game there is no such guarantee. In this workbook, Volker Schlepütz and Grandmaster John Emms offer a unique framework to study chess tactics independent of themes, difficulty and - most importantly - even the existence of an actual tactic in a given position. Analysing carefully selected games, from beginner level through to club and tournament level, the reader assumes the role of a tactics detective, checking for mistakes and missed opportunities by both sides without the help of a chess engine. This training method resembles live play far more realistically than solving puzzles, because each move has to be analysed with respect to tactical possibilities - whether they exist or not. The same thinking processes used in the training can then be applied in real games. • A unique framework to practise chess tactics •Exercises resemble over-the-board situations •Ideal for beginners, intermediate and club players

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