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Aagaard: GM Preparation: Endgame Play (QUA)


Lagervare - levering 2-5 hverdage 189,00 DKK Inkl. moms
Jacob Aagaard : Grandmaster reparation Endgame play 376 side udgivet 2014 Den længe ventede slutspils bog,Jacob Aagaard presents the reader with a few key concepts in the endgame and invites him to test his skills with a lot of examples from recent tournament practice. Where many endgame books are theoretical and emphasize memorization, Endgame Play is based entirely in the real world, where the ability to react precisely in technical positions is a life skill. "Solve your endgame problems with Endgame Play! I strongly believe in training by solving exercises and Jacob Aagaard is a real master here. I often train my own students using the books from his Grandmaster Preparation series, and they really help on the way to becoming an International Master or hopefully even a Grandmaster. With Endgame Play Jacob Aagaard has again proved convincingly that he is indeed one of the best chess authors of modern times."




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